The terms and conditions mentioned here is legally binding agreement between the people  mentioned  as: Let us make understand the words-we/us/ours/Hoopae consult, you,user,member,client,usr) used in this section of Terms & conditions, privacy policy&Disclaimer note.

We/us/our/Hoopae – refers to Sonera construction deck LLP.   You/user – means to the visitor of this website or our associated  communication media like social media, blog etc. and who communicates with us.Client- who communicates directly with us and avails service/s from us.Members – who are the professionals/service providers and business associates connected to  construction industry and necessarily registered with Hoopae consult.Contents refers to image, videos,articles, texts orwhatever the members upload from their side.

  1. Once connected with Hoopae consult it is meant to makeall transactions and services carried out in the name of Sonera construction deck LLP.
  1. User who connects with us can avail the services mentioned for which he/she or they will be charged with the fee depending on the type of services to become our client. This is non refundable.
  1. Registering of members is free of cost, once registered they will get personal id from us with which they can connect to us for their inputs. We ask them  to register so as to provide them the lead for their business but we do not assure them that they get works from our side, it all depends on the client who looks with certain details and suitabilityfor their project,we do showcasemembers work/business credentials as provided to us by them.
  2. Any contents uploaded by members shall be their own original creation or with written permission or bought by the original owner. Any disputes in this regard shall be totally handled by the member and we do not interfere in this.
  3. We reserve the rights to display/publish the contents uploaded by our clients whole, by part or may not  or may  do the same at later stage but will  convey the details to them about the status of this if this happens. Members can  ask for their content removal from our website and we will oblige that.
  4. Any content displayed in our website or office uploaded by our members by default allows us to use them in our services,
  5. Clients connecting to us remains in our records, if they wish to go and connect with the members directly the same also will be obliged by us.
  6. Any client, member or any agency cannot get involved directly or indirectly with any of our employees without the proper document of our consent to do so, if any thing of such incidence is found we do not take any responsibility for their business or personnel transactions, the clients and the employees name will be black listed in our records.
  7. All the transactions regarding the  service, work or  money shall have proper documents and the client or the members should insist for proper documents so as to be we are liable
  8. We never ask to get any of the original documents for any type of service from us.
  9. We reserve the rights to accept or deny to provide the service depending on the constraints or due to lack of co-operation or disagreement in the process of doing business.
  10. Once the client strikes deal with our members to get services or supply or any type of work, then after they get to follow the terms & conditions, policies of that particular member’s/agency/organization.The services you avail from our members is totally independent and not liable by us unless a contract agreement is made in regard of such involvement.
  1. We advice our clients and members to always have a written agreement when they lock in to do business/services.
  2. The client should always contact and meet our office  for 1 st time communication and get connected for the  next consequent meets.