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Connect with us for  Reliable construction services

  • Building plans, elevation, working drawings & estimate
  • Civil contractors and sub contractors
  • Architectural/interior/structural  design & drawing to suit to your budget.
  • Consultants for all types of building services like Electrical, Plumbing HVAC,  RWH and more.
  • Tendering process, BOQ, Cost effectiveness methods
  • Competitive deal with contractors.
  • Drafting contract agreement.
  • Technical & service support at all stages of construction
  • Building inspection to find solutions, also for renovation plan.
  • New construction or  under construction (at any stage)
  • Interiors, Renovation,  Refurbishment, Extension works

Our aim is to  make clients requirements met with good offers and best solutions.  Face to  face interaction, discussion technical guidance and  new techs and products  will be offered.

The service required can be for individual residence/institutions, commercial building corporate projects/offices. Size of the project is not limited to any extension/ location.

It is just a call away, let us know the service/s you are looking for and connect with us by-

Contact:  9448483035, 9986287714   or
Email. hoopaeconnect@gmail.com     or
Fill the contact form & submit (for service requirements) .

Avail Professionals Services for

Architectural services

Building plans, 3D drawings, Architectural design, working drawings, estimate or connected elevation, detailing of your new, old or ongoing projects

Interior Design and decoration

Avail services of interior designers of your choice , who can meet to your expectations. Know the latest  techs materials and art of interior works.Get the materials  and designs  you liked to go for your building.


Professionals and experts like structural engineers for strong and quality construction and service consultants for Electrical, PHE, HVAC, fire fighting works provide  required design, drawings of essential services  required for a particular building.


Renovations and refurbishments require proper planning with constraints as to match with the existing ones and also look for salvages from the existing work and minimize the cost.


Services agencies like contractors for different works   civil construction, electrical works, plumbing, water proofing, air conditioning, acoustics, firefighting and many more who has to get involved at some stage of the construction  project.

Civil Engineering Support

Get the support you were looking for like Engineers for property valuation, surveying, testing of materials etc. and also construction supervising, billing,  quality check,

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